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1024 - Fruiting Cranberry Plant in a decorative container.

A beautiful fruiting cranberry plant in a decorative container for the holiday table or gift.


1025 - Ready to Fruit Cranberry Plant in a quart container.

A beautiful ready-to-fruit cranberry plant in a quart container. Just right for a specimen plant in a perennial bed, in a deck pot, or as a single plant in an individual 2ft x 2ft bed.


1026 - Four (4) ready-to-fruit cranberry plants in quart containers.

Four (4) beautiful ready-to-fruit cranberry plants in quart containers, enough to fill in a 4ft x 4ft small cranberry bed or to have individual plants to use as groundcovers in a perennial bed, or as ground cover under a highbush blueberry plant.


1027 - Economic Downturn Special - Seven (7) ready-to-fruit cranberry plants in quart containers with 1 extra free plant!

Get your garden bed going quickly. This special gives you 8 plants, enough to help fill in your new bed quicker, at an affordable price for the serious gardener.


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