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Contact Information

John Harker, Debra Parry
905 Sandy River Rd
Mt. Vernon, Me. 04352
(207) 293-2356


About Us and Location

The Chimney Mill Wild Cranberry Farm

Our small farm, called Chimney Mill Wild Cranberry Farm, is located in the Belgrade Lakes region of Maine, nestled in amongst the hills and mountains. The farm is part of an old mill complex, built around 1800. The chimney is what remains of a carding, tannery, and wood mill that burned down in 1910. We built a one acre cranberry bed on the site in 1994 (See picture on left). By 1996, we were selling cranberry plants to home gardeners who kept asking us about how to plant cranberries. In 1998, we started Cranberry Creations to meet the growing demand for our plant products.We developed fruiting cranberry plants for holiday gifts as centerpieces. We have since turned the bed into a growing area for our potted plants and we have erected three greenhouses on the site to assist us in growing and packing (the right picture)
To see pictures and learn more about Cranberry Creations, go to our About Us page