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About our Business
We have added this section to our site so that you know who you are buying from, can see just how much fun we have at what we do, and how committed we are to helping make cranberries a garden and floral gift success.

We started the business in 1994 with one acre of cranberries and selling berries. In 1998 we covered over the bed with groundcloth and started growing potted plants. Our fruiting plants in decorative pots were a big hit on the floral market in the early 2000's, and today we still sell plants to home gardeners, to florists, to landscapers and others who see the beauty in the plant, the berries and the burgundy fall foliage. We pride ourselves in being the first to market fruiting cranberry plants to the florist trade for floral designing. we also are known for developing proprietary techniques for getting cranberries to fruit in small growing containers as a stand alone centerpiece for the fall and winter holidays.

The pictures of our students harvesting were taken in the mid 1990's when we had our cranberry bed for producing fruit for sale. We eventually turned the bed into a nursery with potted plants. We still employ local help who help propagate, trim and repot the plants,and help get plants ready for shipping. The last picture is of a home garden cranberry bed during the summer. You can make a little bed just like that...Check us out further....Best, John and Deb