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Welcome to THE place for purchasing cranberry plants for your garden.

Welcome. We are taking spring orders for 2021. We will begin shipping by mid-April. We are celebrating our 20th ANNIVERSARY this year and have a great special going through the spring of 2021. If you purchase an Heirloom Variety (Howes), we will send you a similar number of plants FREE. We also have a special price reduction on the Stevens Variety.

Cranberry plants make a unique, colorful addition to any landscape. We are the leaders in selling plants and providing continuing support to make your planting successful.

For our garden plants, We sell budded up, huge, ready to fruit, 2 to 4 year old plants in slightly larger than quart containers.You can plant our plants anytime as they are well rooted, ready to plant.

Check out our Grow Cranberries page to learn how to grow cranberries. Enjoy the benefits of growing your own vegetables and fruits. The work will give you exercise, the harvest will keep you healthy, and food in the canning jar will give you food security during the hard times. Put off that summer trip and, instead, have a garden vacation right at home. For those with young children, what a perfect way to teach them a lifelong skill. For those, like us, a bit older and empty nesters, what a fine way to keep feeling young at heart.

Check us out. We not only provide you the ultimate cranberry plants for the money, much much better than the catalog counterparts, but we also provide you with free consults anytime. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are a wholesaler, distributor, or retail floral shop and want to learn more about Cranberry Creations, go to our Wholesale page.