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Welcome to THE place for purchasing cranberry plants for your garden or for a Holiday centerpiece It is Holiday time and we have three new gift items on our product page that is sure to please you, your friends or as a hostest gift for Thanksgiving or Christmas. What is unusual about our cranberry holiday plant gifts is.....after the holidays the plants can be preserved and stored to be planted out in the garden the following Spring! Also, the cranberry in history was used by Native Americans as a gift of peace and freindship between various groups as they came together in feast. The cranberry was also shared by Native Americans and Pilgrims at the first celebration of surviving the first years on American soil. So,give a gift that keeps on giving.and a unique gift that represents the true spirit of the season,

For those of you who are new to our site, We also encourage you to start planning a cranberry bed for 2016. Don't let the economy get you down. Plant a garden and put as much of your lawn into garden. Check out our Grow Cranberries page to learn how to grow cranberries. Enjoy the benefits of growing your own vegetables and fruits. The work will give you exercise, the harvest will keep you healthy, and food in the canning jar will give you food security during the hard times. Put off that summer trip and, instead, have a garden vacation right at home. For those with young children, what a perfect way to teach them a lifelong skill. For those, like us, a bit older and empty nesters, what a fine way to keep feeling young at heart.

Check us out. We not only provide you the ultimate cranberry plants for the money, much much better than the catalog counterparts, but we also provide you with free consults anytime. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We sell budded up, huge, ready to fruit, 2 to 4 year old plants in gallon pots. Our Economic Downturn Special of 7 plants and one extra plant FREE will get you a beautiful bed of cranberries in less than two years, with fruit in the first year!. OR, if you want a single specimen plant in your perennial garden, we sell individual plants.

If you are a wholesaler, distributor, or retail floral shop and want to learn more about Cranberry Creations, go to our Wholesale page.